We Can Shut Down the Innovation Act – 3/10/15

Hello Friends,

A lot is happening right now. The information Paul Morinville and I are discussing and dropping off throughout the US House, and that you are calling your Representatives about, is causing a stir. Apparently, a little truth can extinguish a lot of lies. That is why a few crazy inventors can make a difference against ridiculous odds.

You want to talk David and Goliath? Last year, according to the Intellectual Asset Management, over a hundred million dollars was spent by other side trying to get this legislation passed. One hundred million dollars! But the Innovation Act has not sailed through the House like it did last time.

The fact is that there is growing opposition to it. The real question is can we get enough opposition fast enough to stop its passage.

We aren’t the only ones fighting. I think we were January of last year, but not now. I went to the Inventing America Conference in DC last week. There were various speakers and discussions. The highlight was the speech by Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett Packard, Presidential hopeful and huge ally of ours. Innovation Alliance put on the conference, and I even saw a late-night TV commercial from them while I was in DC.

These efforts of our allies are helping, but the sheer size of the media and lobbying effort of our opponents is overwhelming. However, one thing really cuts through the noise and makes a difference – when real inventors explain why this legislation will hurt them and American innovation.

You carry more weight than some lobbyist who is getting paid to say what some corporation wants. When you contact your Representative, you make a difference. As an inventor, you represent the best of America, and the risk that they could be about to really harm America starts to become real to them.

What we need most right now is to stop the Innovation Act in the House. I mentioned in my last email that there is a bill that will be introduced in the Senate that is actually good for us – it curtails some of the bad parts of the America Invents Act. But if we don’t stop the Innovation Act in the House, the other bill may go nowhere, and we risk the loss of our rights as inventors.

We have momentum. We are turning Representatives our way. The thing that will help us the most now is you calling your Representative. You can find your Representative at http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/ . Use information from our two short papers to make your point (see “Papers” tab above). When you talk to them, get them to let you email these documents.

Right now, we have a better shot than ever to shut down the effort to take away our rights as independent inventors.  But to really shut our opponents down, we have to stop the Innovation Act in the House. If we do, we send a message that will help us roll back some of the negative parts of previous legislation.

This is important. I need your help. America needs you. Please make the call. Let’s win this.


Randy Landreneau, Founder

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