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Please sign our petition to preserve individual inventor rights.

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Initial Signatures:

George Burkhardt, President Alamo Inventors
Dwight Stauffer, President Canton Inventors Association
Frank Fleisher, President Canton Inventors Association
Don Skaggs, President Central Kentucky Inventors Council
Pal Asija, President Christian Inventors Association
Joseph Gross, President Edison Inventor’s Society
Mike Kirby, Frmr. Board Member Edison Inventor’s Society
Ken Roddy, President Houston Inventors Association
Otto Glaser, Vice President Houston Inventors Association
David Caldwell, Manager Indiana Inventors Association
David Zedonis, President Indiana Inventors Association
Roderick Whitfield, President Int’l Society of Product Design Engineers
Bruce Koppenhoefer, President Invent Alabama
Greg Lauren-Wawrzyniak, Founder Invention Acceleration Workshop
Andrew Krauss, President Inventors Alliance, Bay Area
Tim Crawley, President Inventors Association of Arizona
John Gast, President Inventors Association of Central Kansas
Dr. Doug Lyon, President Inventors Association of Connecticut
Bob Hausslein, President Inventors Association of New England
Robert Scheinkman, President Inventors Association of St. Louis
Curt McMillan, President Inventors Center of Kansas City
Mary Moeller, Vice President Inventors Center of Kansas City
Sean Murphy, CEO Inventors Center of Kansas City
John Pfanstiehl, Past Pres., CT Chap. Inventors Club of America
David Woods, Vice President Inventors Council of Central Florida
Dr. David Flinchbaugh, President Inventors Council of Central Florida
Stephen Frey, President Inventors Council of Dayton
Michael Ball, President Inventors Council of Mid-Michigan
John Titus, Board Member Inventors Network of Minnesota
Stephen Lyon, Board Member Inventors Network of Minnesota
Todd Wandersee, Past President Inventors Network of Minnesota
Travis White, President Inventors Network of Minnesota
Glen Kotapish, President Inventors Network of the Capital Area
Brian James, President Inventors Network of the Carolinas
Dale Halling, Founder Inventors Roundtable
Freddy Lee, Vice President Inventors Society of South Florida
Joanna Zaremba, Secretary Inventors Society of South Florida
Leo Mazur, President Inventors Society of South Florida
Bob Murray, Past President Inventors Society of Western New York
Frank Morosky, President Iowa Inventors Group
Dr. Mario Golab, President Miami Inventors
James Stevens, President Music City Inventors
Stephen Shaw, President National Society of Inventors
Daniel Weiss, Past President NY Society of Professional Inventors
Bill Baker, Past President Oklahoma Inventors Congress
Dan Hoffman, President Oklahoma Inventors Congress
Tia Wheeler, Vice Chairman Rocket City Inventors Club
Adrian Pelkus, President San Diego Inventors Forum
Michele Nash-Hoff, Gov. Committee San Diego Inventors Forum
Scot Traylor, President South Coast Inventors Group
Randy Landreneau, Past President Tampa Bay Inventors Council
Rob Aiken, Secretary Tampa Bay Inventors Council
Wayne Rasanen, President Tampa Bay Inventors Council
Tom Kulaga, Past President Tennessee Inventors Association
Barbara Russell Pitts, Past Pres. Texas Inventors Association
Mary Russell Sarao, Past Pres. Texas Inventors Association
Sandra Fan, Director Utah Inventor Entrepreneurs


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12 thoughts on “Sign Our Petition

  1. Raymond G.

    This is why I choose to do business with China! At least they operate on INTEGRITY , TRUST AND HONOR! Americans are just too greedy!!!!!

  2. Diane MacKay

    I am so sick and tired of the Big Guys wining. It is time to take a stand…one by one we can overcome! Please help.

  3. william morinville

    a patent is property… intellectual property… which should be protected by our government. the constitution does protect that right. it is the large moneyed companies that do not want those rights protected. why buy an intellectual property if you can steel the idea and profit from it.
    i have been able to observe such thefts where the inventor tries to get some company to use his invention and explains how it will benefit the company. the company declines the purchase and uses the idea anyway and makes the product and profits from the the intellectual property.
    if we lose the patent protection this will become rampant in every field of commerce.

  4. RobinBeth

    I am a small inventor. The thought that I could/will bring out a profitable product , have that patent issued, then have to have that patent re-examined because some large company thinks they can take it away from me with out a fight, because I don’t have the money to out last their legal ploys to have that invalidated. Then there is nothing to stop them from making it.
    Its and outrage that our own government is being ran roughshod over by the big companies that want this type of garbage made from our “already working fine” patent system.

  5. Merrie East

    It is sickening and will put an end to innovation as we know it! Us little guys are the majority of the people with the ideas! So sad as we will have no choice but to let our ideas go! Plutocracy at it’s best!

  6. RobinBeth

    The idea that the congress of the Untied States of America would work to cripple the main source of innovation in this country is staggering. Bowing to BIG BUSINESS to steal the rights of individual inventors( those who’s ideas power the new inventions of this country) and enable BB to overpower and steal the small inventors intellectual property, with no consequence is unequaled in our history. Those that vote for this legislation should be jailed for treason. They are intentionally destroying the ability for new innovations to flourish here.

  7. Tom

    It’s all about greed. It would not only harm the “common” inventor in favor of large corporations but would stifle innovation. There is only one reason why Congress would like these proposed changes and we all know what that is.

  8. Bob Huybrechts

    There is a brilliant way around the compromised patent conundrum! Designed in Europe in the late 80s, the Universal Strategy Development System (or USD-System) allows an independent inventor to own their invention for ever by formatting the disclosure into a book, called an ‘Intellectual Passport CB’. This process precedes the patent system and provides worldwide (184 countries) enforcement. For more information visit:
    I am a Consultant for the USD Consortium and I can be reached at Bob(at) If you contact the Consortium through the website, please inform them you were prompted by me. Thank you.

    Bob Huybrechts, RDT
    USD-System Consultant – IP Strategy Management
    Bob’s TV interview on the Intellectual Passport:

  9. Andre Bogan

    Inventors ARE The Life Blood Of Innovation Which Leads To Jobs & Commerce!
    IF We Ruin The Protection Of The Small Inventor …We WILL Be DONE~ As A Creative Powerhouse/Country. Drabo. B-}

  10. William Diaz

    I have a new product which at this time is being reviewed by my examiner, which will save thousands of lives and lower the Medicare Medicaid budget from $600 billion by one $100 billion and yet no one cares.

    I need to get my invention protected otherwise the system idea will not work…………………………. I need help.


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