We are Gaining Momentum – Help Defeat the Innovation Act – 3/4/15

Hello Friends,

I want to update you on the fight for inventors’ rights. I was in Washington DC last week with Paul Morinville, and am back again this week. For anyone reading this who is not already aware of why the Innovation Act, H.R.9 is fatal to inventors and innovation, click the “Papers” tab above and read the two short papers.

“Experts” said there was no chance to keep the House from passing the Innovation Act. It passed overwhelmingly last time. The vast majority of those who voted for it last time will vote for it again, we were told. “Don’t waste your time in the House, start working on the Senate.” Well, inventors like to forge their own paths, and we decided to forge ours right through the House.

Now, after a lot of meetings, things are changing. Just like last year in the Senate, many in the House were not even aware of our side before our meeting. A shift is starting to occur, and a lot of folks are now seeing the House as the battleground.

A big part of this is your help in calling and emailing your Representatives. I really need you to keep doing this. Another thing you can do is call the local office of your Representative and try to get a personal meeting when he or she is in town. You can find your Representative here: http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/

Originally, our plan was to somehow keep the Innovation Act from passing, and then work toward rolling back some of the bad previous legislation that is harming inventors right now. A good example is the Post Grant Opposition (PGO) procedures from the America Invents Act of 2011 that are now invalidating 75% of the patents they are directed at! We thought this effort could take years and face terrible odds, but something is happening right now that changes everything.

A bill is about to be introduced by the Senate – the Strong Patent Act. From what I have seen so far, this bill is actually good for us. Not surprisingly, this bill has a number of things in it that Paul and I have been pointing out as needed in our meetings with Congressmen this year and last.

Naysayers are already saying that it could never pass. Ignore them. All we need now to achieve what was previously considered impossible is simply to stand together and, in quantity, make our position known to our Representatives.

If we can definitively kill the Innovation Act in the house, we have the best shot at starting to roll back the negative changes from recent years. If we barely win in the House, or worse, we will be in a weak position.

This is history in the making. Be a part of it! Call and email your Representative. Set up a local meeting with him or her. Then let me know what happened. Whether your Rep is an ally or opponent, let me know – Paul and I are keeping track. If you are going to DC, we may give you access to the database to assist in the fight.

If you still have doubts, consider that a Republican hopeful for president, Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett Packard, is totally on our side and speaking at a hearing in DC tomorrow. Rick Santorum, who was a front-runner for president last time around, has written a couple of articles that totally back our side. Others are ready to lean our way – help them.

Our momentum is growing. We can make ground-breaking gains right now. Be a part of this. Make your position known to your Representative, and forward this information to anyone you know that cares about the future of this great nation. Thank you.


Randy Landreneau, Founder
Independent Inventors of America

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