We Have a Chance – 7/11/2015

Hello Friends,

Beating the Innovation Act (H.R.9) in the House was considered to be an impossible task. It passed a year and a half ago 325 to 91. When a bill like this comes back, the experts say it can’t be stopped. But Paul Morinville and I have ignored that viewpoint and forged ahead, win or die trying. And something interesting is happening. For anyone new to this fight, get informed about the fatal patent “reform” legislation we are fighting here and here.

According to an insider, there was a “very contentious” meeting Thursday where a number of Republicans objected to bringing the bill to the floor at this time. I don’t know who was at this hearing, but I’d bet money there is a direct connection to the 65 offices I met with in my last trip.

Thank you again to those of you who donated last time to get me to DC to fight for the rights of inventors. It is imperative that I go back now and use the momentum we have to turn as many offices our way as possible. To have any shot at beating this bill, we have to do everything we can right now. I can’t get back to DC without your help. If you are able to donate any amount, please go to US Inventor. If you have any questions about donating, contact me.

Most of the offices I meet with become allies or at least very doubtful about the legislation. But realize that there are more than 400 offices, and last time 325 voted for the bill. Those who voted for the bill last time don’t want to look like flip-floppers, so getting them to flip requires serious communication. And there are huge forces pushing hard against us.

There was a hearing this week with the new head of the Patent Office, Michelle Lee. I’ve known that Ms. Lee is a former executive of Google, but I didn’t realize that she was head of patents and patent strategy at Google! Google is the largest backer of this fatal legislation! It is important that we really confront what we are up against here. In addition to Ms. Lee, I’ve been told that there are over 20 former Google executives in the present administration. Add to this influence the hundreds of millions of dollars spent lobbying for this legislation.

But we are putting up a serious fight, and our efforts have definitely made an impact. We have momentum, and our best opportunity to beat this anti-patent effort is right now. Continue emailing and calling your Representatives and telling them you are against The Innovation Act, H.R.9. If you need data, see the papers here and here.

But whatever else you do, please get me, your warrior, back to DC. I promise you that every office I meet with will know that the narrative behind the legislation is false and that voting for the bill will do fatal harm to American inventors and American innovation. I will do everything I can to win this for us. If you can donate anything, go here. See you on the battlefield.


Randy Landreneau, Founder

Independent Inventors of America

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